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Corporate Responsibility

Success is meaningless if you don’t achieve it the right way
Paying it Forward

We are of the strong belief that success is more than what the balance sheet shows. It’s not what we do, but how we do it, that defines our success. We are a values-driven organization and we have incorporated these values into every aspect of how we conduct our business.

We take corporate responsibility seriously, and are a company comprised of people committed to doing the right thing in the areas of environmental citizenship, product safety, marketing, corporate governance, financial reporting, employment, supply chain and procurement, and community involvement and philanthropy.

Our efforts are ongoing, and we never think we’ve arrived at an end point of success in these areas. We know we will always have the opportunity to improve.

Being a good corporate citizen is systemic; it comes from top-down and bottom-up, and emanates from every segment, division and department in the company. It is a lifelong pledge from our brands to the end-user, and to the world.



We strive to be good environmental citizens

We take our responsibility as an industry leader extremely seriously, and voluntarily go well beyond what environmental laws require.

We comply with all environmental protection laws, regulations and reporting requirements, whether they are local, state, federal or international. In fact, we will only sell a product if it is fully compliant in the region it is sold. That means the formula, label, package, every step of production…everything.

We always source the best and cleanest ingredients available. They are usually more expensive, but price is a secondary concern to us.

Last, but certainly not least, our aerosol products are sold in cans which contain no harmful chlorofluorocarbons and every component of the can is completely recyclable.

Product Safety

Product Safety

Product safety is our #1 priority

WD-40 Company has a long-standing commitment to avoiding dangerous chemicals like benzene and those listed on dangerous chemical lists like California’s Prop 65. You will never see a Proposition 65 warning label on our products. Not prioritizing safety would conflict with our core corporate values, which include doing the right thing, creating positive lasting memories and making it better than it is today. We have an exemplary reputation for safety and reliability throughout the industry, and we work hard to maintain it.

For more than 60 years, WD-40 Company has screened the ingredients used in WD-40® Multi-Use Product for harmful contaminants and has elected to use only those that meet our high standards for consumer safety. In 2012, when the Company set out to create a new line of specialty products to meet the needs of professional end-users, it made a decision to do the right thing and to continue with its longstanding commitment to ensure the safety of its end-users, customers and tribe members.

Though WD-40 Company products are safe when used as directed, we have a dedicated safety hotline (1-888-324-7596). In the event our end-users require medical advice related to product use or misuse, our safety hotline can get you in touch with trained medical professionals who are authorized to give medical advice, 24/7.

Ethical Marketing Practices

Ethical Marketing Practices

We tell the truth

Ethical marketing seeks to promote honesty, fairness and responsibility in all advertising and promotion. We use ethical marketing as a way to develop a sense of trust among our end-users. This means being transparent and not filtering any less-than-desirable feedback. When a product lives up to the claims made in our communication efforts, it reflects positively on the entire company. It can make our end-user feel like the company is invested in the quality of the products and the value they provide. Our goal for our products is to perform above expectations at an exceptional value.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Superior corporate governance practices

The strong corporate governance practices employed at WD-40 Company are tied directly to our company culture and values. Our culture and values align with longer term strategies to drive positive and ethically informed decisions that better not only our company, but also the companies with which we partner. To that end, our board of directors is dedicated to providing its collective knowledge, experience and informed guidance to the highest corporate governance standards to ensure we continue to build a great company.



A great place to work

We are motivated by our common commitment to a set of core values centered around doing the right thing. That translates to employment practices and compliance efforts that go beyond meeting the bare minimum required by law. Our decisions and policies are formed by doing what is right, good and proper.

Ours is a company of shared values and mutual respect. Ours is an environment that’s safe, inclusive and productive because we know that an inclusive and healthy workplace is one where all employees are valued regardless of differences.

WD-40 Company is a place where success is measured by flourishing careers and tribe members’ individual and collective achievements.

Supply Chain Procurement

Supply Chain Procurement

We practice socially responsible sourcing

In everything WD-40 Company does, we’re guided by our values. And our very first value, our most important value, is: We value doing the right thing.

When choosing our suppliers, we ensure their values align with ours. That means no questionable business practices, no suspect sourcing of materials, no unethical treatment of employees. Even if a vendor offers a better price, if there’s a questionable step anywhere along the supply chain, we won’t do business with them. We’d rather pay more, make less money, and do the right thing.

It’s a practice that’s resulted in trusted, decades-long relationships with many of our suppliers. In fact, they are less like suppliers and more like tribe members. We invite them to our internal leadership conferences, and they present themselves in third-party business dealings as true representatives of WD-40 Company.

We value doing the right thing. They’re not just words. They’re our way of doing business. And that’s business that’s good for everyone.

The following documents outline our position in regard to responsible supply chain management.

California Transparency In Supply Chains Act

WD-40 Company Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

Community Involvement & Philanthropy

Community Involvement & Philanthropy

A legacy of giving and service

The WD-40 Company Memory Making Fund was established as a means for WD-40 Company’s tribe member-led Community Involvement Committee to fufill its corporate giving mission

Corporate Giving Mission

Create positive lasting memories by empowering people to become self-reliant using our time, talent and treasure to help put charities out of business.

Every charity needs a mission. Ours is simple. We want to put charities out of business. Why? Because we believe that a world without charities is a world where no one is hungry. No one is poor. No one is uneducated. No one is disenfranchised. It is a world where no one needs help because everyone is empowered to be self-reliant.

Is that ambitious? Yes. Will our work ever be done? Probably not. But we will never stop trying.

Charitable Priorities

In 2016, the WD-40 Company, through its Memory Making Fund, launched a new grantmaking program designed to build self-reliance among San Diego County residents, promote a thriving and prosperous community, and create an environment where people can flourish and reach their full potential.

Charitable Giving Guidelines

We do not accept unsolicited requests for support. We are committed to transformational philanthropy, which means we take a systematic, collaborative approach to grantmaking with an eye toward long-term change.

Our 2019 / 2020 grant cycle is now closed. Our next grant application will be available in the fall of 2020. To review our grant guidelines and access the application from our most recent grant cycle please click here.

For general questions, please email us at: communityinvolvement[at]wd40.com

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