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A tribe that spans the globe. That’s the real power of WD-40 Company.

We’re more than just a company that sells products

We are a tribe of passionate, committed professionals, all dedicated to the same goal: to create positive lasting memories in every interaction we have.  Our company is headquartered in San Diego, California, where it was founded in 1953.  However, our small but mighty tribe of just under 500  members live and work in 15 countries, speak more than 7 languages and are located in many different time zones.  

We live under the kitchen sinks, in the garages and toolboxes of the world and have loyal end-users and dedicated fans in more than 176 countries and territories worldwide who rely on our portfolio of well-known and popular brands to solve their everyday problems.

Our Company
The way we create positive lasting memories for our end-users
The company that was founded on a blue and yellow can with a little red top
Our brands. Our people. Our go-to-market strategy.
Success is meaningless if you don’t achieve it the right way