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Our Tribal Culture

Our tribe is thriving.
Learn about our tribal culture, as explained by our President and CEO, Garry Ridge

Through folklore, warriors, ceremony, meaningful work, evolving norms, teamwork, community learning and a strong sense of accountability, a tribal culture is formed and becomes a self-sustaining place where people want to stay and grow. Our tribe is thriving. Read more about our tribal culture here

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Life At WD-40 Company
Our Tribe is Thriving
Talent Development
Our People. Our Work
Our Values
We strive to cultivate a learning culture based on our values.
Our values drive our company.
  • We value doing the right thing.
  • We value creating positive lasting memories in all our relationships.
  • We value making it better than it is today.
  • We value succeeding as a tribe while excelling as individuals.
  • We value owning it and passionately acting on it.
  • We value sustaining the WD-40 Company economy.

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Before Applying
Please consider employment with WD-40 Company only if you feel as strongly about our values as we do; we live, breathe and play by our values every day.
We celebrate a culture of inclusion.

One of the most basic of human needs is to feel a sense of inclusion and acceptance. At WD-40 Company, we value the uniqueness and variety of languages and cultures woven into the fabric of our corporate culture. We are a unified tribe bound together by our shared corporate values, hard work, celebrations and memories created along the way.

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