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Life at WD-40 Company

We take our work seriously. But not ourselves.
We nurture a culture of accountability

To encourage an environment of accountability, we ask every tribe member to own and act passionately on something we call the Maniac Pledge.

The Pledge States:

“I am responsible for taking action, asking questions, getting answers, and making decisions. I won’t wait for someone to tell me. If I need to know, I’m responsible for asking. I have no right to be offended that I didn’t ’get this sooner.’ If I’m doing something others should know about, I’m responsible for telling them.”

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Our Tribe is Thriving
Our Tribal Culture
Talent Development
Our People. Our Work
Tribe Member Testimonials
See what our teammates have to say about life at WD-40 Company.
Supply Chain Planning Manager
Tribe Member Since 2011
“I’ve bounced around in the past and felt I couldn’t connect with any company on a personal level. With WD-40 Company, I finally found a place I could connect to. I feel blessed that I made a career change that has allowed me to grow as an employee but more so as a person. WD-40 is like no other company and I am grateful for that.”
Sales Manager
Tribe Member Since 2008
“Timing is everything and so is the value of making it better than it is today. That’s not only a WD-40 value, but a personal one that’s led me here to this unique culture. WD-40 has helped me sustain my affinity for the big brand and make a difference in my own future as well as the future of this great tribe”
Sales Planning Manager
Tribe Member Since 2010
“Here at WD-40, our tribe members thrive in a culture where there are no mistakes, only learning moments. No disasters, only opportunities. And no failures, only lessons. Every day we are empowered to think out loud, trust our choices, and value doing the right thing, while always having fun doing it.”
Meet Our Tribe
We Work Hard And Play Hard
Total Rewards: The Perks
Our rewards package is very comprehensive, providing you and your family with security and protection.
  • Health Care Options
  • Profit Sharing
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Vacation Time Off
  • 401K Match
  • Earned Financial Incentives
We also offer a positive, rewarding environment that makes WD-40 Company a great place to work.
It includes:
  • Learning Culture
  • Trustworthiness
  • High Employee Engagement
  • Meaningful Work
  • Values Based Culture
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Respectful Culture
  • Work / Life Integration
  • Stability
Tribal Health and Wellness
Our Fortress of Health (FOH) programs encourage health and wellness to keep our tribe in balance. Fitness, exercise, nutrition, goal setting and morale are just a few of the FOH initiatives.
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