3-IN-ONE® Oil Cleans and Protects Leather Goods

April 1, 2001

When caring for your work shoes, hiking boots and other leather goods exposed to weather and rugged conditions don't buy an expensive cleaner. Try a household product you probably have in the cupboard. 3-IN-ONE Oil, in the little red and black can, works wonders as a leather conditioner, and many manufacturers list the product on their care instructions.

3-IN-ONE is safe to use for cleaning, conditioning and protecting leather goods as it has been for more than 100 years. It brings back the sheen to the leather and leaves the item with a darker, richer color.

Baseball gloves, boots and backpacks need to be conditioned and protected every few months depending on amount of use and exposure to the elements. If motorcycles are your hobby, don't forget your chaps, bags and vests, which have become faded and weathered.

Always apply oil with a soft, lint-free cloth or chamois. And be sure to rub the oil in completely and allow items to dry thoroughly before use. With a little time and elbow grease, you will be pleasantly surprised how good your leather items will look.

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