We Live Under the Sink, In the Garage, and In the Toolboxes of the World.

The same company you've trusted for years now offers a complete line of products to help you accomplish almost any task, including the clean up afterward.



wd40 MUP

WD-40® Multi-use Product

#1 Multi-purpose problem solver

  WD-40 Specialist

WD-40® Specialist®

Best-in-class specialty maintenance products

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This "toolkit in a can" has literally thousands of uses and has been the go-to resource to get the job done for over 60 years.


A line of best-in-class products specially formulated to get specific jobs done with ease.

WD-40 Bike


Clean. Lube. Protect.

  <nobr>Spot Shot</nobr> Pet Stain Remover


Specialty products for specialty needs

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A comprehensive line of bicycle care products developed for riders of all levels.

  3-IN-ONE offers a full range of products for lubrication and corrosion protection.

Spot Shot®

Instant Carpet Stain Remover

  x14 Bathroom Cleaner


From quick touch-ups to serious deep cleaning

<nobr>Spot Shot</nobr> Carpet Spot Cleaner x14 Bathroom Cleaning Products

What stain? Spot Shot eliminates both old and new stains. 


Now X-14 is The Bathroom Expert®, delivering a line of quality bathroom cleaning products.

Toilet Cleaner

2000 Flushes®

Lasts for months,
not weeks



The original heavy-duty hand cleaner

<nobr>2000 Flushes</nobr> Toilet Bowl Cleaner description

2000 Flushes cleans your toilet bowl with every flush – for up to four months – so you don't have to.


Lava is one of the best known heavy-duty hand cleaners in the world.

<nobr>Carpet Fresh</nobr> Carpet Odor Eliminator

Carpet Fresh®

Eliminates odors and freshens carpet



Hard on dirt, kind on skin

<nobr>Carpet Fresh</nobr> Carpet Deodorizer description

Eliminates odors trapped in carpet fibers, leaving behind a fresh-smelling environment.


The dependable Australian cure-all for cleaning stubborn dirty hands.


no vac®

Foam carpet sanitizer & deodorizer



The magic number for your carpet

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Kills tough bacterial odors trapped in carpets and fabrics.


1001 provides the most effective range of solutions for tackling everyday stains and spills.

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