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The mission of the WD-40 Company Foundation is to create positive lasting memories by empowering people to become self-reliant using our time, talent and treasure to help put charities out of business.

Every charity needs a mission. Ours is simple. We want to put charities out of business. Why? Because we believe that a world without charities is a world where no one is hungry. No one is poor. No one is uneducated. No one is disenfranchised. It is a world where no one needs help because everyone is empowered to be self-reliant.

Is that ambitious? Yes. Will our work ever be done? Probably not. But we will never stop trying.


The WD-40 Company Foundation is launching a new grantmaking program in Fall 2016 that is designed to build self-reliance among San Diego County residents, promote a thriving and prosperous community, and create an environment where people can flourish and reach their full potential.


Your organization will be invited to submit a proposal for the WD-40 Company Foundation’s “Advancing Opportunity and Prosperity” 2016-2017 grant cycle if its mission falls within NTEE codes that align with the grantmaking criteria. If you did not receive an invitation to apply, but have an organizational program that clearly aligns with the grantmaking objectives and guidelines, you may elect to submit an application. To review the grant guidelines and access the application, please click here.

For general questions [not related to the 2016-2017 grant application], please email us at:

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